Reinventing biomanufacturing

Univercells Technologies delivers novel biomanufacturing platforms as a direct answer to the growing demand for viral vaccines and viral vectors. We leverage integration and continuous processing principles to significantly reduce the overall manufacturing footprint and deliver cost-effective and scalable manufacturing of high-quality therapies.

A unique fixed-bed technology for intensified processes

The scale-X™ bioreactor delivers intensified production of adherent and suspension cells as well as viral products. Its unique proprietary structured fixed-bed design consist of spiral-wound alternating sheets of non-woven PET fabric and spacer netting.

Scalability in the scale-X bioreactor range relies on the principle of constant linear velocity of fluids with surface area increase. This ensures that the residence time remains constant at any scale.

Univercells Technologies_unique structured fixed-bed for intensified virus production_scale-X

Have a look inside the scale-X™ fixed-bed bioreactor

Discover how its unique structured fixed-bed is designed to provide a healthy environment for your adherent and suspension cells, helping them deliver more.

The principles of integration and continuous processing

Integration and continuous processing_Univercells Technologies products

Our novel fixed-bed bioreactors are integrated within automated and continuous platforms. This enables a reduction in operational volume, manual operations and overall costs while delivering increased throughput per cleanroom surface.

Integration of unit steps into a single continuous and automated platform offers an alternative to stand-alone unit operations and equipment. The drastic footprint and cost reductions have been demonstrated through the NevoLine™ sIPV proof-of-concept. The scale-X™ carbo system and the NevoLine™ Upstream platform feature an in-line TFF concentration step delivering a continuously concentrated harvest for simplified purification.  

Scalability from discovery to commercial manufacturing

The scale-X fixed-bed bioreactors are at the core of our biomanufacturing platforms.
Our portfolio covers applications from small-scale R&D to large-scale GMP commercial manufacturing.

The scale-X hydro system was developed to support early development activities.
The mid-scale scale-X carbo system bridges the gap from development to clinical production. The NevoLine Upstream platform, featuring the large-scale scale-X nitro bioreactor, provides a solution for cost-effective large capacity production.

Univercells Technologies_integrated and automated solutions for intensified virus manufacturing

Discover our products

scale-X hydro system - Small-scale production for early-stage process development - Univercells Technologies

scale-X™ hydro system

Small-scale production for early-stage process development

scale-X carbo system - intermediate scale for R&D and GMP production - Univercells Technologies

scale-X™ carbo system

Low-footprint, intermediate-scale process development and GMP production

scale-X™ cell collect

Seed train made simple

NevoLine Upstream - intensified and automated virus manufacturing - Univercells Technologies3

NevoLine™ Upstream platform

Integrated and automated commercial upstream manufacturing

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