scale-X™ carbo system

Intermediate-scale for clinical & commercial production

The scale-X™ carbo system is a GMP-compatible solution for process development, clinical and commercial production. It features a structured-fixed bed bioreactor and in-line TFF concentration automated through a centralized interface. This intermediate-scale enables to bridge the gap between R&D and commercial production offering high productivity in a low footprint with scalable processing. 

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Viral vectors

Viral vaccines

Oncolytic viruses


Adherent cells

Suspension cells

Reinventing benchtop production

The scale-X carbo system is a bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance. It features a single-use bioreactor offering 10 to 30 m² surface for cell growth.
The scale-X™ carbo system is suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical production.


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A unique solution for rapid process development

scale-X carbo system - intermediate scale for R&D and GMP production click & learn - Univercells Technologies 3
Automated process control
High density cell culture and viral production
Easy manifolds set-up
Intuitive software interface
Fluid management
In-line monitoring
Footprint and facility


High capacity in low footprint

Through intensified virus production integrated with in-line product concentration.

Intermediate-scale system

Different applications are possible with bioreactors for both R&D and GMP production.


Linear scalability between the scale-X carbo bioreactors (10m² and 30m²) and scale-X nitro bioreactors (200m² and 600m²).

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Our experienced Bioprocess & Field Services team is available to support you to quickly and efficiently start your development activities. From the installation of the equipment to process training and maintenance, they are committed to provide the support you need.

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