Successful process transfer of vaccine candidates in scale-X™ hydro bioreactor

The scale-X™ bioreactor present impactful benefits for viral vaccine manufacture

Cell based vaccines manufacturing traditionally rely on adherent cell lines for producing target antigens. The widely used scale-out static technologies result in high footprint and manual manufacture. Stirred-tank bioreactor technologies with microcarriers are indeed scalable but present several bioprocess development and operation drawbacks.

Fixed-bed bioreactors have revolutionized bioprocessing by offering the same level of automation as stirred-tank bioreactors with a significantly reduced footprint, gentles growth environment suitable to sustained productivity, and the opportunity to reduce seed train.

Process transfer from roller bottles microcarriers to scale-X hydro adherent cells

This study analyzes cell growth performance and viral antigen productivity in a scale-X™ hydro bioreactor after a copy-paste from pre-established processes developed in a multi-layer bioreactor and roller bottles.

Promising viral titer results towards scalable vaccine manufacturing platform

Within this study, the feasibility of producing antigens in the scale-X hydro system was measured first by infectious titers comparable to the reference process and secondly by monitoring the amount of glucose and lactate in the spent media demonstrating cell growth within the fixed-bed.

The study was a success as it provides the foundation to a scalable platform from which commercial quantities of antigens could be produced when translated to the larger versions of the scale-X range (the scale-X™ carbo system and the NevoLine™ Upstream platform).

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