From tech transfer to commercial scale viral manufacturing in 8 months – a CDMO case study

Learn more about a CDMO tech transfer of a suspension-based adenoviral production process to fixed-bed bioreactors, with a 2-fold increase in productivity and scale up to commercial scale in just 8 months

The growing and diverse viral manufacturing landscape calls for dedicated solutions supporting rapid tech transfer and scale-up while offering cost-effective production at scale. Achieving these goals using traditional stirred-tank bioreactors presents significant challenges, due to inherent design space limitations. In this context, advances in integrated and automated manufacturing solutions may offer increased flexibility, agility and productivity, which can help manufacturers overcome these challenges. This webinar will focus on the advantages of structured fixed-bed bioreactor technology and of integrated manufacturing approaches. A case study by European CDMO Exothera will be presented, demonstrating tech transfer of a suspension-based adenoviral production process to fixed-bed bioreactors, with 2-fold increase in productivity and scaleup to commercial scale in just 8 months.

Learning points

  • Understand how innovative, scalable-by-design fixed-bed technology addresses limitations associated with stirred-tank bioreactors.
  • Learn about the advantages of biomass immobilization, supporting high-density cell growth and cost-effective production of advanced therapies and vaccines
  • Discover a CDMO tech transfer case study demonstrating optimization of viral productivity and complete manufacturing scale-up within 8 months.

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About our experts

Thomas Robert currently serves as Product Manager for the NevoLine™ Upstream platform at Univercells Technologies. A biologist by training, he performed his Ph.D in medical sciences focusing on stem-cell derived therapies for type 1 diabetes. Before taking on his current role, he worked as Field Application Scientist for Terumo BCT. Thomas has extensive knowledge of the Cell & Gene therapy field and expertise in Upstream process development, which he applies to drive the development and commercialization of best-in-class biomanufacturing solutions at Univercells Technologies.

Hanna P. Lesch is a Chief technology Officer at Exothera, Belgium. Her main responsibilities are technology development and innovation in bioproduction platforms. Hanna has made her whole career in the gene therapy field. Over the years she has been in several directors’ positions leading research and development at FKD Therapies, Finvector, and Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy. Her research interest has focused on gene therapy and translational development, including early-stage analytics and the development of scalable, robust manufacturing processes operating under current regulatory guidelines. Her Ph.D. was in Molecular Medicine, obtained from the University of Kuopio. She followed up her Ph.D. with post-doc work at the University of California San Diego UCSD, CA, the USA, and the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland. She has several patents related to vector manufacturing.

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