NevoLine™ sIPV


Proof of concept developed by Univercells

The NevoLine™ sIPV platform was initially designed and developed by Univercells as part of a $12M Grand Challenges grant awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver affordable inactivated polio vaccine (sIPV). After two years, Univercells introduced the platform after attaining its goals of delivering a very low cost of goods for an sIPV below $0.30 per trivalent dose. Based on this first successful application, Univercells Technologies developed the new generation of the NevoLine™ biomanufacturing product family, the NevoLine™ Upstream platform.

Overcoming the economies of scale paradigm

The NevoLine™ sIPV platform proposes a disruptive approach to achieve cost-effective viral production. The technology combines principles of process intensification, chaining, and automation in self-contained modules to drastically reduce facility footprint, capital, and operational expenditures. The NevoLine™ sIPV is the proof of concept of the NevoLine™ Upstream platform.

NevoLine sIPV platform - Univercells Technologies

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Reinventing commercial-scale viral production

The low footprint NevoLine™ sIPV platform delivers large quantities of bulk product, rapidly building a cost-effective capacity for viral production. The platform is suited for GMP-compliant manufacture from clinical to commercial scale.


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Proof of concept for intensified & automated virus production

Automated operations
Integrating the single-use scale-X™ bioreactor



Automated operations increasing reproducibility, in high-safety modules offering application-specific biosafety levels

Rapid Deployment

Building production capacity in new or existing facility for a rapid market access


Delivering large manufacturing capacities within a small footprint, drastically reducing capital and operational expenditures

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