NevoLine™ platform

Reinventing virus biomanufacturing

The NevoLine™ platform is an integrated and automated manufacturing solution for the cost-effective production of viral vaccines, viral vectors and oncolytic viruses. By combining process intensification and chaining principles, the platform reduces significantly the required footprint, infrastructure, and operational costs to achieve scalable production of high-quality biologics.


Process intensification and chaining

At the core of the platform is the scale-X™ structured fixed-bed bioreactor chained with in-line product concentration to intensify commercial viral production.

The full range of scale-X bioreactors enables smooth scalability of viral production from R&D to commercialization with the NevoLine™ platform.

Integrating biomanufacturing

The NevoLine™ Upstream platform

The NevoLine™ Upstream builds on the successful NevoLine™ sIPV proof of concept designed to deliver affordable inactivated polio vaccines. This first application integrated all unit operations in a series of modules from cell culture to virus inactivation.  

The new generation NevoLine™ accommodates all unit operations from inoculation to midstream processing within a 3 m² footprint automated equipment. Its flexible design enables various configurations by combining single-use assemblies to suit different processes.


Capacity without barriers

The compact NevoLine™ platform enables the rapid implementation of autonomous multi-product and simplified facilities, overcoming the capacity constraints and high costs of production faced by gene therapy and viral vaccine manufacturers.

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NevoLine™ sIPV

Proof of concept of a low footprint solution for polio vaccine

NevoLine™ Upstream

New generation platform for intensified & automated solution for large scale virus manufacturing

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