Simplifying seed train: a benchtop system for intensified inoculation of large-scale bioreactors

Intensify the inoculation of large-scale bioreactors with a new seed train benchtop module. Discover a CDMO’s experience using the module for low-risk and cost-effective viral production.

The use of adherent-cell cultures for commercial manufacture of advanced therapies requires inoculating large-scale bioreactors with vast amounts of cells.

Traditional cell-expansion systems such as plastic flatware are still used for this purpose, however generally associated with significant aseptic risk, footprint, and production costs.

Univercells Technologies has designed a novel benchtop solution to tackle these challenges, delivering reliable, automated, and intensified seed train.

Discover how a CDMO has used this new technology, achieving harvest cell densities of above 2×109 cells/m² with >90% cell detachment in a small-footprint, low-risk, and cost-effective seed train process.

Learning points

  • Challenges of generating seed train for large-scale manufacture of advanced therapy medicinal products with adherent cells
  • The concept of bioreactor-to-bioreactor seed train, and the possibility of detaching over 90% of cells immobilized in a fixed-bed bioreactor through mechanical and enzymatic action
  • How a new benchtop module enables intensified and reliable seed train generation for industrial bioreactors, providing drastic footprint and cost savings compared to traditional technologies

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About our expert

With several years of experience in product management, Clément Dumont is now applying his expertise to the expansion of the scale-X portfolio at Univercells Technologies. Having acquired knowledge in the fields of bioprocess development, characterization, optimization, and medical devices, he helps develop intensified bioreactor systems and innovative process analytical technologies.

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