How to find success with lentiviral production using fixed-bed bioreactor technology?

The experience of a CDMO in leveraging fixed-bed bioreactor technology for highly productive lentivirus manufacture

Lentiviral vectors are efficient ex-vivo and in-vivo gene delivery systems for numerous cell and gene therapies such as CAR-T therapy. Like other live agents, lentiviral vectors are highly sensitive to their environment (pH, temperature, shear, chemical composition) and require a careful bioprocess.
Structured fixed-bed bioreactors offer a low-shear, well-controlled and homogeneous environment which achieves high productivity, high product quality and cost-effectiveness in a reduced footprint.

In this webinar, our Senior Product and Marketing Manager Alex Chatel, alongside Natalia Elizalde, Business Development Director and Filipe Cristóvão, Head of the USP Development at VIVE Biotech, provide insight on how a lentiviral specialist CDMO deploys the scale-X™ fixed-bed bioreactor from Univercells Technologies.

Learning points

  • Insight into state-of-the-art of lentiviral vector manufacturing
  • Bioprocessing principles of structured fixed-bed technology
  • A CDMO’s experience producing lentivirus with fixed-bed technology

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About our expert

Alex Chatel is a Senior Product & Marketing Manager at Univercells Technologies. Alex started his career in engineering R&D where he spent several years at GSK and University College London developing scale-down bioprocessing tools for antibody production. Alex shifted to gene therapy and vaccines upon joining the Univercells group in 2017, and now leads the commercial development of gene therapy and viral vaccines bioprocessing solutions for subsidiary company, Univercells Technologies.

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