What if you could produce most of your viral products with a single manufacturing platform?

Reaching high-performing viral manufacturing with intensification & integration

Making biologics available and affordable to all has always been a big challenge for manufacturers. With increasing variability in vaccine technologies and the diverse applications of gene therapies, ensuring efficient and rapid delivery of biopharmaceutical products presents an ever-increasing challenge. To respond to those challenges the need for flexible, high performing manufacturing solutions becomes critical. Working with single technologies adapted to different applications, production capacities and offering seamless scalability is key for commercial reach.

In this webinar, Thomas, our Product Manager, for the NevoLine™ Upstream, will guide you through the development of a flexible manufacturing solution. This platform was designed to adapt to most process requirements while enabling high performing viral manufacturing in a low footprint.

Learning points

  • Discover the fundamental features leading to an integrated & flexible by design manufacturing platform
  • Understand how this 4-in-1 manufacturing solution was designed to enable hundreds of process configurations
  • Find out how a flexible platform can simplify process transfer and scale-up for adherent & suspension viral production

Watch the webinar

About our expert

Thomas Robert - NevoLine Upstream Manager - Univercells Technologies

Thomas Robert is the Product Manager for the NevoLine Upstream platform at Univercells Technologies. A biologist by training, he performed his Ph.D in medical sciences focusing on stem-cell therapies for type 1 diabetes. Before taking on his current role, he worked as Field Application Scientist for Terumo BCT. Thomas has extensive knowledge of the Cell & Gene therapy field and expertise in Upstream process development, which he applies to drive the development and commercialization of best-in-class bioprocessing solutions at Univercells Technologies.

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