The scale-X™ bioreactor range and the NevoLine™ platform for an intensified AAV and Lentiviral vectors manufacturing

Building capacity for gene therapy production

Breaking down the barriers to gene therapy production

An increasing number of gene therapy treatments for previously unmet indications are entering the clinical trial pathway. However, the global availability and affordability of current and future gene therapy products is threatened by the challenges associates to their manufacture.

Producing viral vectors using conventional technologies presents several limitations including scalability constraints, high manufacturing cost of goods (COGs), as well as a low productivity and reproducibility. In order to overcome these hurdles, manufacturing technologies must be re-designed with the aim of easing scale-up and reducing COGs.

Integrated solutions for an enhanced & cost-effective viral vector biomanufacturing

scale-X™ single-use bioreactor

NevoLine™ biomanufacturing platform

Building capacity for gene therapy production
  • A range featuring at its core a novel single-use high-density bioreactor for an enhanced upstream processing
  • A comprehensive portfolio scalable by design adequate for R&D, clinical and commercial scale production
  • A technology combining the principles of process intensification, automation and chaining to reduce footprint, capital and operation costs

A novel technology offering increased benefits throughout the production steps

Scalable technology

Seamless transitions through process development, clinical validation and commercial manufacture

High productivity

Offering the highest throughput per cleanroom surface compared with currently available technologies


Significant ooperating costs savings across the different stages of the product lifecycle


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