The scale-X bioreactor is an intensified and chained bioprocessing platform for viral developers and manufacturers. It multiplies product yield and reduces operational volumes per cleanroom surface area compared to traditional technology.

scale-X™ bioreactor demonstrates superior productivity for vaccines and gene therapy

The scale-X™ fixed-bed technology provides a highly productive solution for viral products developers and producers. Since its launch, technology adoption has grown exponentially, and its applications have spread widely to vaccines and gene therapy products.

scale-X carbo system - intermediate scale for R&D and GMP production - Univercells Technologies 2

Highly productive rAAV and Lentivirus manufacture   

scale-X bioreactor production of Lentivirus

In March 2020, Kuopio Centre for Gene & Cell Therapy, FinVector and A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences published a study benchmarking the scale-X carbo system for the production of viral vectors.

Study demonstrated that Lentivirus productivity in HEK293 cells up to 2 times higher (transfection process) could be achieved than in another fixed-bed bioreactor.

In a separate study by 4D Molecular Therapeutics, the rAAV productivity in HEK293 cells (transfection process) in scale-X hydro bioreactor was shown to be up to 4 times higher than in another fixed-bed bioreactor.

scale-X bioreactor delivers higher productivity rAAV

Enhanced recombinant-VSV and Rubella vaccines productivity

scale-X bioreactor delivers higher productivity

Ology Biosciences (now Resilience) published a study demonstrating that the scale-X carbo bioreactor yielded up to 100 times (2 log) increase in viral productivity for an rVSV-based vaccine produced in Vero cells (infection process).

Unique technology compatible with both
adherent & suspension cells

Recently Reithera, a CDMO, produced results showing scale-X bioreactor was used to grow suspension HEK293 cells to produce an Adenovirus-based COVID-19 candidate and showed 1.7 times higher specific cell productivity compared to a reference suspension process.

scale-X bioreactor delivers higher productivity

Readiness to cost-effectively manufacture clinical and commercial batches at scale

scale-X bioreactor delivers higher productivity

In July 2021, Batavia Biosciences announced that a rVSV-based Lassa Fever vaccine candidate was successfully produced in scale-X carbo system for a Phase 1 clinical trial.

Lassa Fever virus is an emerging zoonotic virus listed by WHO as a top emerging pathogen likely to cause severe outbreak in the future. Producing in a rapid and cost-effective manner is key to responding to epidemic threat.

In another study, Batavia Biosciences, Quantoom Biosciences and Univercells Technologies collaborated to demonstrate that an established process could be transferred to scale-X carbo system and produce upwards of 1 million doses per batch of a Rubella vaccine.

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