Innovative fixed-bed bioreactors unify adherent and suspension processing

Commercialization of breakthrough therapies is today relying on inadapted technologies primarily developed for the monoclonal antibody (mAbs) industry. Unlike mAbs, advanced therapies medicinal products (ATMPs) present very high variability in demand and process depending on indication and incidence (~7 logs) rising challenges during commercial deployment.

Novel adherent technologies designed with process intensification and chaining in mind have enabled up to 4-fold higher productivity compared to traditional technologies. More recent studies presented in this paper have demonstrated the benefits of these technologies for culture of suspension cell lines.

Download this white paper and discover:

  • The evolution of ATMPs manufacture and persistent challenges
  • A paradigm shift in ATMPs production with flexible and continuous platforms
  • Benefits of fixed-bed bioreactors for both suspension and adherent cell culture
innovative fixed-bed scale-X bioreactors unify adherent & suspension processing - Univercells Technologies

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About the author

Tania Pereira CTO Univercells Technologies - Interview

Tania D. Pereira Chilima is the Chief Technology Officer at Univercells Technologies where she focuses driving innovation to execute our mission of making biologics globally available and affordable. Tania previously worked as a post-doctorate researcher for the ULTRA grant sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, focused on designing manufacturing strategies for ultra-low-cost vaccine manufacture. Tania holds an engineering doctorate from the University College London in partnership with Pall Life Sciences entitled, Decisional Tools for Enabling Successful Manufacture and Commercialization of Cell Therapy Products.

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