Scalable seed train intensification and automation for adherent cell cultures with the scale-X™ bioreactor

Overcoming the seed train generation bottleneck

Fixed-bed bioreactors such as those with scale-X™ technology have enabled to address key challenges associated with adherent-based production processes. However, while intensification of viral manufacturing provides significant benefits, it shifts the bottleneck toward a key production step: seed train generation. Traditional cell culture methods used for this purpose are indeed cost-prohibitive when considering inoculation of large bioreactors such as the scale-X nitro, with its 600 m² growth surface area.

This application note explores the feasibility of utilizing the scale-X carbo bioreactor as a solution for seed train intensification. The ability to detach adherent cells from the fixed bed was investigated, along with the viability of collected cells and post-detachment growth profile and phenotype. The experimental results were combined with a detailed cost-model in order to assess the economic impact of seed train intensification.

Intensified seed train with the scale-X carbo

The study was performed using a novel add-on module under development, designed for complete integration within the scale-X carbo system. Efficient and scalable collection of viable cells from fixed-bed bioreactors was demonstrated, along with proof of concept for feasibility of seeding a scale-X nitro 600 using a single carbo 30 bioreactor. Cost modelling indicated significant savings associated with intensification of seed train operations.

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