Maximizing cost-efficiency, reducing GMP footprint and eliminating bottlenecks in lentiviral virus production: A Case Study with the Cytegrity™ Producer Cell Line in the scale-X™ Fixed-Bed Bioreactor

Tackle the challenges in GMP Lentiviral virus production processes

Join our insightful webinar to explore revolutionary advancements in Lentiviral Vector (LVV) production. With the industry facing challenges like batch-to-batch variability and high cGMP process costs, Genezen introduces a transformative approach with the Cytegrity™ Producer Cell Line (PCL) system in combination with Univercells Technologies’ scale-X™ fixed-bed bioreactor. This strategy addresses efficiency, scalability, and cost, significantly reducing the GMP footprint.

Learning points

  • Explore the current manufacturing obstacles and their impact on Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) product accessibility.
  • Discover how Cytegrity™ and scale-X™ integration surmounts traditional barriers, improving LV stability and enabling substantial manufacturing scale-up.
  • See how this approach not only achieves high titers and cost efficiencies but also streamlines downstream processing, creating highly potent super lots.
  • Understand the significant leap forward made by eliminating the need for cGMP-grade plasmids, enhancing scalability, reducing GMP space, and ensuring consistent yields.

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About our expert

Dr. Floriane Cohen is a Bioprocess Specialist at Univercells Technologies, based in NYC. She earned her Ph.D. in Biophysics from Sorbonne Université, France in 2018. With over five years of experience as an Application Scientist, Floriane’s current role involves supporting customers who work with Univercells Technologies’ fixed-bed bioreactors and integrated DSP platforms. She has been focused on training clients to effectively utilize her company’s technology for viral vector manufacturing, with applications in the Cell and Gene Therapy industry as well as in the vaccine industry.

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