Intensified extracellular vesicle production in fixed-bed bioreactors

Cost-effective, high-productivity extracellular vesicle production platform overcoming traditional manufacturing challenges

The extracellular vesicle (EV) therapy market has witnessed remarkable success in preclinical studies, showcasing significant potential for treating diverse medical conditions.

The regenerative and immunomodulatory properties of EVs produced from mesenchymal stem cells have fuelled optimism for therapeutic applications, with ongoing clinical trials exploring their efficacy. Use of engineered EVs produced from various cell lines to carry dedicated therapeutic cargo has also seen significant growth over the last years.

However, the path to widespread clinical adoption faces challenges. Large-scale manufacturing, low affinity, quantification, and standardization remain pivotal hurdles.

Join us to learn more about how Univercells Technologies` highly intensified, scalable fixed-bed design can overcome these challenges.

Learning points

  • Understand how to overcome challenges associated with traditional manufacturing systems for efficient EV manufacturing process.
  • Discover a game-changing platform with scale-X bioreactors enabling scalable, continuous, and high-capacity manufacture of MSC-EVs in a reduced footprint.
  • Learn more about how to achieve up to 2-fold increase in EV productivity while maintaining critical quality attributes.
  • Explore the optimization strategies with production in perfusion and concentration using integrated Tangential Flow Filtration , examining techniques to enhance yield, purity, and scalability in the EV manufacturing.

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About our experts

Thomas Robert currently serves as Senior Innovation and Product Manager at Univercells Technologies. A biologist by training, he performed his Ph.D in medical sciences focusing on stem-cell derived therapies for type 1 diabetes. Before taking on his current role, he worked as Field Application Scientist for Terumo BCT. Thomas has extensive knowledge of the Cell & Gene therapy field and expertise in Upstream process development, which he applies to drive the development and commercialization of best-in-class biomanufacturing solutions at Univercells Technologies.

Laura Siedler is Product Manager at Univercells Technologies where she is responsible for key developments and applications in the scale-X fixed-bed bioreactor range. During her previous role in the Univercells Technologies bioprocess team, she acquired in depth expertise in process optimization and upscaling for various application. She earned her MSc in Molecular and Applied Biotechnology at the RWTH in Aachen Germany.

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