Integrated continuous biomass estimation in fixed-bed bioreactors

Measurement of cell density in fixed bed bioreactors using an advanced real-time prediction model

Accurate information relating to cell density and health in bioreactors is required to trigger key process steps (e.g., defining infection or transfection time in viral production processes) and for advanced process control. However, biomass tends to not be readily accessible in fixed-bed bioreactors, which leads to the practice of cell sampling and off-line biomass estimation.

This poster proposes the use of an advanced real-time prediction model for estimating cell density in fixed-bed bioreactors, through the measurement of glucose and lactate concentrations. Using this model in combination with an in-line metabolite measurement system could maximize process understanding and control in fixed-bed bioreactors.

Model allows to anticipate the time for infection or transfection

This study demonstrates the feasibility of using an advanced prediction model for real-time estimation of cell density in scale-X™ fixed-bed bioreactors. The model enables the user to anticipate the time when cells will be ready to be infected or transfected.

Download the poster here

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