A Rapid Fixed-Bed Proof-of-Concept Bioreactor

The scale-X™ bioreactor relies on an innovative structured fixed-bed design

The scale-X™ hydro bioreactor provides a homogenous environment for reproducible cell growth and production as well as for oxygen and nutrient distribution, making it a transversal recipient system from static and dynamic scale-out technologies. The scale-X system also provides continuous real-time monitoring and control of pH, DO, and temperature with less laboratory space needed compared to traditional technologies.

Ease of process transfer to the scale-X hydro bioreactor with limited process adaptation

Three different experiments are summarized, corresponding to three different applications: veterinary viral vaccines, AAV gene therapy, and lentivirus gene therapy. The results demonstrate that a direct process transfer to the fixed-bed bioreactor from flatware is predictable with lower risk and easier to execute than ever before, as the bioreactor is particularly suited for a rapid fixed-bed assessment.

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