scale-X™ bioreactor

Bringing viral production to the next level

The scale-X™ bioreactor portfolio provides enhanced upstream processing of viral products. Featuring a structured and intensified fixed-bed design, scale-X™ bioreactors are chained with in-line product concentration. It offers a linear scalability from the bench to the plant (R&D to commercial), perfectly suited to deliver your viral vaccines and gene therapies.


Scalability from discovery to commercial manufacturing

The scale-X™ technology was designed to achieve cost-effective large capacity production. Integrated into the NevoLine™ Upstream platform, the scale-X™ nitro bioreactor enables the future of large-scale viral production.

The scale-X™ hydro and carbo systems offer scale-down models suited to meet smaller production demands.

Scale-X carbo

scale-X™ carbo bioreactor system

Bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance, featuring a single-use bioreactor offering 10 to 30 m² growth surface.
The scale-X™ carbo system is suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical production.

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Reinventing benchtop production

Automated operations
Fixed-bed sampling
Single-use bioreactor
Ease of use
In-line product concentration



Structured fixed-bed design ensures predictable behavior for seamless scale-up throughout the scale-X range.


Homogeneous cell distribution delivers reproducible performance coupled with cell sampling for direct monitoring.


Low footprint, integrated system produces high cell densities and viral titers to with reduced capital investment and operating costs.

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