Inauguration of new facility for the development and production of our technology solutions in Nivelles, Belgium

Inauguration of our new Equipment Design Center

Due to burgeoning development at its Gosselies facility creating the need for more space, Univercells expanded its activities to Nivelles, Belgium to foster the broader development of its successful technological solutions.  This space will allow Univercells to give visitors a front row seat to experience its micro-facility proof of concept and learn more firsthand about the groundbreaking and proven impact of its innovative technology.

Now spread across 3 Belgian locations, Univercells is well-placed to cultivate its efforts and launch its next chapter of endeavors while continuing to provide biologics for all more effectively to the world.  Its Brussels offices remain dedicated to its administration and business teams, its Gosselies site to its operations and development activities, and its newly added Nivelles facility of almost 1000 m2 for engineering and technology. Additionally, the remainder of the premises will be utilized by staff for administrative, warehousing, and miscellaneous purposes to further aid in the expansion of Univercells technologies.

 “Our expansion into this new facility gives us the chance to grow the engineering and technological aspects of our business, focusing and developing these strengths by assembling our current team and newly joining minds at this location.” – Hugues Bultot, CEO

Nivelles site New Equipment Design Center

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