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We are your reliable service partner

We embrace your concerns about compliance, reliability, and reactivity. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of services throughout the life cycle of your equipment to ensure you get the maximum from your technology investment. Because we understand that urgencies are unpredictable, our international presence enables us to provide reactive support at any time. Our modular service offering provides you with the specific package that you need no more no less.

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Quick start your production

Seamless integration and optimal operation of the systems right from the start.

Rely on flexibility & reactivity

Efficient troubleshooting for time and cost saving.

Empower your team of experts

Adapted training for reliable manipulation of the systems.


Rapid start-up of your production

A convenient and reliable installation & validation is essential for reproducible performances and outputs with our manufacturing technologies. The increasing process and regulatory requirements make qualification support crucial to ensure compliant operation of the systems. Our trained and certified team has the highest expertise in supporting you for the following services:

  • Installation & SAT
  • IQ/OQ support
  • PQ support


Comprehensive knowledge transfer

Depending on the needs and level of experience, Univercells Technologies offers a range of training on-site and remotely that covers the whole operations as well as the maintenance aspects of our equipment. 

  • Equipment training
  • Process training
  • Engineering training


Maximize operational uptime

Preventability and proactivity are key in avoiding risks of failures and limiting the impact on the customers’ manufacturing planning. In this objective Univercells Technologies is offering post-warranty, preventive and corrective maintenance packages, combining remote and on-site assistance for the appropriate level of support you need.

  • Service Level Agreements (including spare parts, helpdesk, preventive and corrective services)
  • “A la carte” offering

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Experts at your disposal via helpdesk

Thanks to our presence in key regions our team is covering all time zones and can ensure helpdesk support in less than 24h and on-site support in a maximum of 72h.

For any inquiry, please contact us via the following email:

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