Equipment configuration

Stress-free technology adoption

As a technology innovator we provide you with breakthrough manufacturing platforms bringing your viral production to the next level. We understand that novelty brings its part of complexity. To support our customers in switching to the next evolution of biomanufacturing we endorse the responsibility of platform assessment and configuration for a ready to deploy manufacture solution. Our experts are integrating customer’s process into a fully configurated manufacturing platform for commercial, the NevoLine™ Upstream platform.

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Make your mind on fact

Confide to meaningful data on technology configurations and budget estimation

Acquire your optimal solution

Obtain a breakthrough manufacturing technology integrating your bioprocess specificities

Secure your commercial success

Establish your technology plan towards an optimal commercial manufacturing strategy

Technology selection: first step towards commercial manufacture

Univercells Technologies Integrated Services Equipment Configuration

Process Mapping

An early technology adoption assessment backed by relevant adaptability & costs estimations.

Mass Balance Assessment

Process scenarios to set optimal buffer requirements and equipment sizing.

Process Flow Diagram Outline

Visualization of integrated key unit operations to reach efficient manufacture.

Platform Configuration

Optimal & cost-efficient selection of platform components to match your process.

Recipe Conception

Careful platform configuration at each unit operation level prior delivery to quick start your commercial production with the NevoLine™ Upstream platform.

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Capacity & Facility Design

Anticipate your commercial manufacture

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