Capacity & Facility Design

Anticipated commercial deployment

At Univercells Technologies we are convinced that defining your manufacturing strategy early on in your development phases is critical to ensure a successful commercial launch. We are also aware that designing a production facility is a complex process that requires adequate expertise and anticipation of underlying challenges. Therefore, our conceptual design team is here to support you in the modelization of your facility concept responding to capacity and cost estimations.

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Mitigate your risks

Upfront view on expected production capacity and facility requirements & costs.

Rely on expert support

Get advised on how technology selection affects facility design.

Build your facility of the future

Implement your facility strategy while optimizing your space, time, costs, and personnel needs.  

One step closer towards your commercial facility

Univercells Technologies Integrated Services Capacity & Facility Design

Cost modelling

Manufacturing costs appreciated early on in development for informed development and facility deployment strategy.

Capacity planning

Optimal production scenario to meet your commercial manufacture perspectives.

Process flow mapping

Process layout modelization for identification of space and time bottlenecks toward optimized facility design.

Facility layout

Accelerate initial stage of facility set-up with optimal facility models.

Our partners

Flexible facilities for rapid manufacture deployment

Univercells Technologies’ is partnering with modular facility providers to further support customers in rapid facility design & deployment and capacity expansion to reduce time-to-market.

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