Bioprocess Excellence

An efficient and scalable process

As therapy developers your goal is to rapidly lead your innovation from proof-of-concept, clinical validation all the way to market authorization. We as technology and bioprocessing experts can support you in transferring and scaling-up your process seamlessly all the way to commercial scale. Our Bioprocess Specialist team is the best placed to guide you through process optimization strategy to maximize your performance & reduce your costs.

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Simplify your technology adoption

Rely on the experts behind the science to guide you in seamlessly adapting our breakthrough manufacturing solutions at each stage.

Accelerate your market entry

Let us design your optimal scale-up strategy for a rapid pathway to commercialization.

Maximize your performance

Drive maximal benefit from your scale-X and NevoLine solutions to reach the highest performance in lower footprint.

Improve and accelerate your viral production

Technology Transfer

Seamless process transfer to our manufacturing solutions and direct performance increase.

Process Optimization

High performance reach via a challenged and optimized process development roadmap.

Process scale-up & scale-down

Efficient scale up strategy taking into consideration process specifics and technology aspects.

COGs optimization

Optimization strategies applied to key cost drivers for performance increase.

PID tuning

Continuously improving performance of the integrated control systems of our technologies.

Our technologies

Intensified and scalable solutions

Univercells Technologies’ scalable solutions enable seamless scalability from proof-of-concept, R&D & clinical validation to commercial-scale manufacture.

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Ensure your viral performance

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